How long have you been in buisness?

I have been shooting weddings for the last 8 years. But have been involved in photography for the past 15.  

Are you available for travel?

Yes, we take 3 destination weddings a year and the rest are locals. We also travel for engagement sessions  and for those we don't have a limited number.

What is your style?

I define my style as documentary photographer. I come from a journalistic background. However, I think portraits are also important on your wedding day. So while getting ready I would shoot a portrait of the bride, groom, after ceremony of the family and the couple. I would say is 80% documentary 20% portraiture. But it can change depending on the client.

Do we get color and black and white images in the gallery?

Yes, we convert some images to black and white. And we keep your raw files for 2 years. So if we gave you an image in black and white and you wanted it color. We can make sure you get it as well.

What places beside south Florida have you shot in the last 2 years?

We have been really lucky regarding locations in the last years. We have shot in Italy (Positano), Ireland (Killarney), Antigua and Barbuda, Bahamas, New Orleans, New York, and flying to Marrakesh in February for the first time!

When do we get the pictures?

We delivery the slideshow 8 weeks after the wedding and full gallery is ready 4 days after slideshow

Do we get all high resolution images?

Yes, every package comes with high resolution files. You can download the entire gallery any time. You can also send the link to family + friends and they can download any picture they want as an individual files. The gallery also gives you the option of ordering prints.

Do you have Liability Insurance coverage?

Yes, most of the venues now ask to be covered. We have a policy up to 2 million dollars. Never had to use it for now lol (finger's crossed)

We are ready to hire you, what is next? 

Meeting in person or via Skype is very important to me. After doing so, my assistant or myself will send you a contract which you can sign online. Deposit can also be done online.